ARM will return as a sponsor of the upcoming Wheel Rail Interaction Conference. ARM President Gordon Bachinsky founded the WRI conference 23 years ago as an educational forum for sharing information on the state of the art in wheel/rail interaction in the heavy haul and transit industries. Click here for more information.

Upcoming Conference: WRI 2017

Advanced Rail Management has been many things to many people over the past 25 years – rail grinding specialist; wheel/rail interaction consultant; noise and vibration management expert; a high-tech rail measurement contractor; and purveyor of the first, and the definitive, conference on wheel/rail interaction. A blueprint for the company can […]

25 Years At The Cutting Edge

Advanced Rail Management President Gordon Bachinsky presented a paper on “Rail Grinding Practices on North American Transit Systems” at the 8th Annual Vehicle/Track Interaction conference held at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, UK. “The paper provides insight on rail grinding practices on North American transit systems,” Bachinsky said. “It is intended to […]

ARM presents paper at Cambridge conference

Caltrain Taps ARM for Multi-Year Turnkey Rail Management Contract Advanced Rail Management (ARM) has been chosen to oversee long-term rail management operations for Caltrain. San Carlos, California – June, 2009 The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (JPB) announced that Advanced Rail Management Corporation (ARM) has been selected for development and […]

Caltrain Taps ARM for Multi-Year Turnkey Rail Management Contract