The ARM Team: Staff

An important element of ARM’s strength lies in the unique manner it combines high-level technical expertise with a strong practical support staff which has many years of related hands-on railway and supplier industry experience. This rare combination has been developed over the past eleven years ARM has been in business. With this approach we feel that we can provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to our customers.

ARM employs a systems engineering approach – evaluating the wheel/rail interface with a balanced view of vehicle and track issues. To properly support our clients, it is critical that we have the right mix of people working for us, and the proper equipment to measure pertinent data in an efficient manner.


Jack K. Lindquist
Senior Rail Maintenance Specialist

Jeff Schweisthal
Manager – Rail Maintenance & Grinding

Perry Gable
Rail Maintenance Specialist

Jeff Tuzik
Rail Maintenance Technician

Damen Dennis
Rail Maintenance Technician

George Senterfitt
Rail Maintenance Technician

Shane A. Kweens
Data Services Specialist

Henry W. Kweens
Data Services Specialist

Mark Reimer
Manager – Marketing and Product Development

Sean Regehr
Managing Engineer – Data Services

Josh Rychtarczyk
Managing Engineer – Mechanical Services