North America’s leading expert in turnkey rail/wheel maintenance solutions

Armed with some rich, hands-on experience accumulated over the last 30+ years, we offer a variety of consulting and field services that specialize in technical and practical expertise for heavy haul and transit industry to optimize the wheel/rail interface and vehicle/track interaction.

As a part of the Global Rail Group since 2021, our services portfolio has increased and now includes engineering services, BI for railway assets and technical training services.

Advanced Rail Management Corp., and its affiliate based in Canada were both incorporated in 1990. These companies were formed to meet a specific perceived need in the rail industry (both heavy-haul and transit system operations) – namely a unique combination of practical and high-level technical expertise of the rail/wheel interface using a system engineering approach. One of the most important elements of this concept has been ARM's ongoing emphasis of including input from both the vehicle AND track departments of each client.

In 1994, ARM started design efforts for their first optical rail measurement vehicle, designated ORMV-1. This project involved a team effort of ARM and Range Vision Inc., the company providing the optical rail measuring system. Revenue service of the ORMV-1 started in July 1995.

ARM's long-term plan has always been to be able to provide the industry with a comprehensive “rail management” service, involving not only the consulting expertise needed to optimize the rail/wheel interface, but also appropriate supporting services such as optical rail measurement to generate accurate, short, and long-term forecasts for rail replacement.

This vision is closer to reality with ARM's integration into the Global Rail Group in 2021.

Global Rail Group is a Europe based company, offering railway asset optimization services. Global Rail Group's service portfolio includes consulting services, engineering & business intelligence for railway assets, technical training services, media services expanding also to railway events & conference organization and recruitment services.

As a team of experienced and knowledgeable railway professionals, Global Rail Group and ARM together are looking forward to expanding specializations and service geographies in the coming years.