Custom-built reporting & monitoring application

Turn work progress and data analysis into easy-to-follow information visualizations in map or graph format.

ARMapp comes standard with all our contract services for rail grinding and data collection. This web-based application is mobile friendly and gives our staff and clients access to all grinding-relevant information wherever they are.

Primary uses to date

  • Daily grind progress reporting and mapping
  • Integration of general system attributes like track type, million gross tons, maintenance-of-way access points, fire risk zones, etc.
  • Grind planning and forecasting
  • Visualization of key system metrics like rail profile condition, track-based noise levels, corrugation severity, and rolling contact fatigue severity

Used by our field staff and independently by transit agencies

ARMapp is used by ARM field staff while completing work on transit systems so that information and data is readily available but ARMapp can also be used independently by transit agencies to track their own work.

Integrates data in any format

In addition, ARMapp is able to integrate client data no matter the format or who collected the data.

Download your data

Clients are also able to download all their data at the click of a button.


San Francisco Bay Area, California


Vancouver, Canada


New York, New York


San Diego, California

For more information on ARMapp, its uses and how it can add value to your transit system, please get in touch with us.
Adam Sohasky
Senior Technical & Business Development Officer