Review and recommendations as part of our systems approach

Consulting Services

Wheel Profile Design (with NRC), Rail Profile Design (with NRC), WRI Studies.

Profile Design

Systems approach in design carefully considers the following:

Vehicle Specific

  • Dynamic performance
  • Curving performance
  • Wheel wear rates
  • Feasibility
  • Maintainability

Rail Specific

  • Rail wear rates
  • Rolling contact fatigue
  • Corrugation
  • Noise
  • Feasibility
  • Maintainability

Evaluating how “matched” wheel/rail profiles should perform, including areas such as rolling radius difference, stability, steering, stability, contact bands, and conicity:

Ensure that the profile design results in stable wheel/rail contact.

Angle of one radius to the other is the same for wheel and rail.

Progressively Curved Wheel/Rail Profile Pair

Prevent wheel hollowing through “pummelling” the profile

Optimization and data integration

Friction Management

ARM works with key partners to provide friction management review and recommendations as part of our systems approach.

Appropriate application of friction management leads to:

  • Extended wheel flange life
  • Increased train availability
  • Reduction in rail wear (extended rail life)
  • Environmental cleanliness
  • Savings in wheel related costs
  • Reduced noise, corrugation, lateral forces, and RCF

ARM is well-versed in technologies and applications, including:

  • Gauge Face / Wheel Flange Lubrication
  • Top of Rail / Wheel Tread Friction Control
  • The right material for the right surface – dry, FM, or lubricant
  • The right applicator – Trackside or train mounted