Rail grinding, wheel reprofiling, data collection, staff training

Rail Grinding

ARM has worked with all types of rail grinding machines used in North America and provides supervision and planning of rail grinding programs to ensure that the desired profiles are established, defects removed, and a surface finish achieved to help reduce rail-borne noise levels.

ARM performs QA/QC services for grinding related to:

Control of surface defects, including:

  • Removal of microcracks/contact fatigue
  • Removal of rail corrugation
  • Improve the wheel/rail interaction
  • Reduction in contact stress

Improvement of wheelset steering

  • Reduction in lateral forces & gauge wear
  • Improvement of ride quality
  • Reduction in noise levels
  • Reduction in fuel consumption

Wheel Truing

ARM has experience with milling machines and lathes having supported transit agencies across North America with reprofiling.


  • Correct flats, spalls, & shells
  • Improve ride quality
  • Extend wheel life

Support & Staff Training

ARM provides technical services to transit agencies to support and train maintenance staff:

  • Recommend profiling/grinding equipment
  • Calibration and maintenance practice
  • Owner acceptance testing
  • Recommend inspection equipment
  • Train equipment operators

Rail/Wheel Interaction Principles Course (3 days)

  • Vehicle, track, dynamics, WRI, friction management, maintenance best practices