ARM operates data collection systems and works with partners to provide a systems approach to optimizing the wheel/rail interface.

Data collection and reporting services include: rail/wheel measurement, noise measurement, surface cracks and corrugation, analysis and report, ARMapp visualization

Rail Measurement

  • Hi-Rail Truck
  • Mini-Prof
  • Draisine Eddy Current
  • Corrugation Analysis Trolley
  • Surface Roughness Tester
  • Bar Gauge
  • Track Geometry

Support track, planning and engineering departments through:

  • Generating rail wear charts, trend analysis/forecasting, and rail replacement
  • Support rail grinding operations and WRI studies
  • Development of indices to quantify current rail condition
  • Profile Quality Index – Optical rail measurement
  • Surface Quality Index – eddy current micro-crack measurement
  • Corrugation Quality Index – corrugation analysis trolley

Reporting & Visualization

ARM provides reports for clients and grinding/maintenance staff to plan and execute maintenance programs and provide QA/QC.